KAPsurvey Features Beneficiary Feedback Mechanism


Our software development teams have been working around the clock to improve the performance of one of our latest technology products: KAPsurvey.

Having introduced a new feature among KAPsurvey’s data collection services, called “Beneficiary Complaint Mechanism”, we are aiming to make the application more user-friendly for this target audience.

As we take a people-first approach in improving our product design, our revision of the application is closely informed by the feedback we have received from clients that have used this feature over the past few months to collect data from beneficiaries on the field.

Beneficiary Complaint Mechanism is a tool which enables organizations to set up beneficiary complaint systems to receive direct feedback from the community benefitting from specific development programs.

With KAPsurvey you can now receive incoming calls and online feedback from beneficiaries and document complaints/suggestions to ensure stronger accountability and community engagement for the program.

To ensure that the platform is accessible and offers a seamless user experience to all regardless of their technological skills, our team have been updating the application for website speed optimization and improved user-interface design.

Our main vision for KAPsurvey is to introduce innovative solutions for enhanced community engagement in evaluating and shaping support activities for more efficient, effective, and impactful development programs.

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