VEMP Operational Base Year 1, and 2

3 February 2023


i-APS was awarded a five-year contract to lead the USAID Monitoring and Evaluation Project (MEP), which seeks to provide third-party monitoring of all activities funded by USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA). The purpose of MEP is to increase BHA’s understanding of the outputs, outcomes, progress, challenges, successes, and lessons learned of the BHA-funded projects. i-APS is working as a subcontractor to MSI and is responsible for recruitment, onboarding and supervision of all in country-based country teams, maintaining the field office and legal registrations, conducting data quality assessments, collecting and managing data for an estimated 100 monitoring visits per year. Additionally, we work in collaboration with MSI to actively strengthen BHA local implementers' monitoring, reporting, and learning capacities. Dates- Awarded September 2021. 5-year contract