Third Party Monitoring

1 March 2023


Under the 18-month FFP-funded program, i-APS is providing Global Communities with TPM services related to its program that aims to provide integrated packages of food assistance. As part of i-APS TPM services, i-APS is responsible for conducting baseline/midline/endline for assessing trends in food security indicators; bi-monthly monitoring of program sites and reporting (including post-distribution monitoring and beneficiary satisfaction) and periodic quality checks of warehouse for the four types of support provided by the program (ready to eat rations and monthly food baskets, kitchen garden kits and bakery and mill support). As part of the contract, i-APS has to date successfully submitted 5 bi-monthly monitoring reports and a baseline and midline, including accommodating changes due to COVID-19. In addition, i-APS has supplied GC with dashboards for the baseline and midline (comparing results and trends). Contract will be extended through July 2021 to accommodate increase in project activities.