Third Party Monitoring of the Bakery Rehabilitation and Agricultural Development program

1 March 2023


i-APS provided Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) of a program over the May 2018 to July 2019 period for Global Communities. The program was a Food-For-Peace program that supported bread production, beginning with enhanced local capacity to process wheat flour through the rehabilitation of flour mills and bakeries. Locally-grown wheat was provided to the mills, then distributed, along with yeast, to the rehabilitated bakeries. Local Councils registered consumer families, while bread distribution agents delivered bread to communities at a subsidized price with the aim of contributing to improvements in food security. The TPM began in May 2018, concluded initially on January 31 2019 and was extended for 6-months to the end of June 2019.i-APS developed a TPM and verification mechanism that gave GC key information that was needed on a monthly basis to update programing approaches. Information provided by the i-APS TPM covered relative performance of contractors independently verifying if rehabilitation activities were implemented; production issues at specific bakeries; the Local Council family registration and rationing system; and determining program impacts on bread production and consumption. STATUS: COMPLETED