Third Party Monitoring for UNOCHA (MENA Region)

1 March 2023


For the UNOCHA contract, i-APS established a TPM system that applies structured and consistent protocols to each Implementing Partner engagement, based upon clear communications and effective delivery of field tasks. The i-APS UNOCHA TPM system allows for the rapid deployment of Field Monitor teams across Middle East, that undertake a range of monitoring activities to independently verify service delivery. Data collection includes desk-based research, KIIs with IP staff, stakeholders, and sub-program beneficiaries; as well as interviews with sectoral experts. i-APS’ Field Monitors and Team Leaders are located at the field level in close proximity to program activities. This aids coordination of field access and ensures compliance with security assessments. i-APS has established coherent standard operating procedures to manage the workflow tasks. As a result, i-APS has provided UNOCHA with real-time verification and reporting on over 247 implementing partners receiving OCHA Funds. i-APS has verified field locations, progress of activities, relevance and quality of outputs and outcomes, challenges, and profiled key lessons and success stories. i-APS TPM has gathered feedback on services and best practices to enable partners to improve their work.