Final Evaluations of Food Security Programs in Yemen

1 March 2023


The Emergency Assistance Food Security (EALAAF) is an 18-month project implemented by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency International (ADRA). EALAAF addressed 17,928 food insecure individuals through provision of life-saving food voucher assistance with complementary nutrition-related activities. The final goal of the project was to contribute to reducing food insecurity in a safe, dignified, and equitable manner among vulnerable conflict-affected households in Yemen. i-APS was contracted by ADRA to design, coordinate, and conduct the final evaluation of the EALAAF project to assess the beneficiaries food security at the end of the project. The final evaluation was conducted between January and April of 2021 and consisted of the following components: 1) Household survey of representative sample of beneficiaries to capture key food indicators (n=600 households) and 2) KIIs with key stakeholders, and beneficiaries who were part of EALAAF and Multi-sectoral Assistance and Nutrition Response (MANR) projects. The methodology, questionnaires, and final assessment design were established in close coordination between ADRA. During the data collection process, i-APS ensured transparent and accountable operational decision making, program implementation and safety environment with zero incidents, training and staff/team support, duty of care, compliance, and quality control. Across all efforts, i-APS complied with COVID-19 global and regional safety guidelines. ADRA has planned and implemented the ELAAF and MANR projects in a complementary manner in an effort to provide a multi-sectoral response to the risk of famine in selected areas of Yemen.