Employment and Labor Market Analysis for Sudan Funded by GIZ

1 March 2023


The employment and labor market analysis (ELMA) in Sudan was commissioned as part of a project with GIZ that aims to provide a thorough and insightful market outlook by using a business intelligence approach to comprehend the labor market's current complex situation while being mindful of conflict sensitivity. The ELMA will be used to determine the industries and trades with the greatest potential for business growth and employment for young people, including those who have been displaced and those with disabilities, and ii) the training requirements for young people to be eligible for the available job opportunities, whether as skilled workers or business owners. GIZ and decision-makers will be able to grasp the most recent market trends with the aid of the information and analysis that has been gathered in order to make wise choices about the private sector, employment promotion, and vocational training. The project may use this data as a baseline to assess the effects of project-related activities.