Comprehensive Peace and Conflict Analysis

3 February 2023


i-APS was contracted by ADRA Germany for the project \"Promoting peaceful coexistence and building resilience by improving food and nutrition security of vulnerable populations (IDPs and host communities) in Central Mali and North Central Burkina Faso” to facilitate and develop an in-depth peace and conflict analysis, with a special focus on gender and inclusion. The project aims to strengthen crisis response in Central Mali and North Central Burkina Faso by providing transitional life-sustaining assistance and stabilizing structures through improving food security, resilience, and equity among IDPs and host communities. It was funded by BMZ and implemented by ADRA Burkina Faso, ADRA Mali, and ADRA Germany. Our study provided ADRA with a solid basis for developing a project concept and identifying project prerequisites, opportunities and risks. Specific outcomes of the project include: 1. An inclusive social dialogue for peaceful coexistence by improving \"good governance\" practices on participatory planning, use and management, and basic social infrastructures. 2. Improving the food security and nutrition of target households through sustainable management of natural resources and the diversification of income sources. 3. Strengthening resilience to disasters experienced by host communities and IDPs. Dates- 3-Aug-2020 / 20-Sep-2022