Assessment of the Adverse Impact of the Triple crisis (food, energy, and financial) on food insecurity and livelihood impoverishment of the resident population, internally displaced persons, and host communities in Sudan and its SDG roadmap

3 February 2023


i-APS was contracted by UNDP to conduct an impact assessment of the \"triple crisis\" in Sudan. The “triple crisis” represents the Sudanese crises within food security, livelihoods, and migration. i-APS is charged with assessing the crises’ impact on food security, migration, and livelihood impoverishment on the displaced and host populations in Sudan. The assessment will provide accurate, timely and actionable data on the crisis and its impact on the most vulnerable populations, focusing on food insecurity, migration, financial technology, and small and medium enterprises. By evaluating the triple crisis’ impacts on Sudan and its SDG roadmap, the assessment will provide key lessons learnt, recommendations, and entry points for UN agencies to develop evidence-based programming strategies and policies in response to the triple crisis. Donor- UNDP Sudan Dates- 21-Dec-2022 / 31-Mar-2023