i-APS Clara Didio

Clara Didio

Senior Program Officer / SY-APS Coordinator

Clara’s background is at the intersection between program management and research. As a program manager she has more than ten years of experience in different contexts (Egypt, Indonesia, Liberia, Italy, Jordan, and Uganda) and with different organizations (United Nations, INGOs) for which she managed large country programs, as well as UN multi-agency projects, and multi-country projects. With a Master of Arts in Human Rights from the University of Essex and a postgraduate diploma in Public Health, her main interest is access to health, including mental health, for the most vulnerable. As far as research is concerned, she has experience in quality and human rights assessments of mental health programs, as well as health and social services for people living with disabilities. Clara is serving as a Project Manager for i-APS in the Middle East and Mali, and also a focal point for public health programming.