i-APS Azza Abdelmageed

Azza Abdelmageed

Administration and Finance Officer for i-APS Sudan

Azza is an economist with years of professional experience in different backgrounds, starting with banking handling customer services and banking daily operations, going through supply chain and project management coordination such as agriculture and livestock projects. She is an honors degree holder in Economic and economic development from university of Khartoum and obtained a higher diploma in political science majored in international relations. Azza manages the administration and finance department for i-APS Sudan, in this role Azza is responsible for managerial as well as budgeting and financial reporting and planning for i-APS Sudan. She liaises on financial affairs with internal auditors and banks in Sudan. Whether it is managing budgets, improving processes, or coordinating complex initiatives, Azza is keen and eager about obtaining knowledge, she is always passionate about utilizing skills to help firms and organizations achieve their goals