i-APS Abdullah Yousufi

Abdullah Yousufi

Country Manager and Representative for Afghanistan

Abdullah comes with over eight years of experience as Agriculture and Rural Development Expert from various development programs in Afghanistan. Possessing a strong understanding of rural development trends in the country, and being passionate and determined to support Afghan communities in need, make Abdullah the perfect man for the job! He holds a master’s degree in Agriculture and Rural Development from the University of Tsukuba, Japan and he’s worked in a wide range of projects funded by the World Bank, UNDP, INL ect. Specifically, most of his previous work and research was done in the following areas: Agribusiness Development, Marketing, Postharvest Management, Food Security, and Rural development. Furthermore, in the last few years, Adbullah has also taken on managerial positions with different international projects serving as Head of Technical Specialist Unit, and Senior Extension Specialist. “The sole focus of my career has always been improving the quality of life for people from rural communities in Afghanistan. I will continue to give my best effort to support programs whether it be through Monitoring and Evaluation, Training Sessions, Awareness Raising Activities, Research or introducing new technologies and practices for improved Livelihoods.” Abdullah has recently joined i-APS as Country Manager and Representative for Afghanistan and will be in charge of managing i-APS’s Research and Evaluation; Capacity Building, and Technology Innovations activities in the country.