Interview with Juliana, i-APS Colombia Animation Design Unit Manager


Meet Juliana Loaiza, the animation design unit manager from our i-APS Colombia team.

Over the past few months, Juliana and her team have been producing learning videos for one of our upcoming software products: KAPcourse.

This is an online learning platform for aspiring humanitarian professionals who can learn about good practices, challenges and the latest trends in the humanitarian and international development spheres.

The following is a Q&A with Juliana on her experience working with i-APS so far.

What does it mean to work on animation in the humanitarian sector?

I translate images, characters, and movements to tell a story and show challenges that people in a community may face, or to show their strengths. Audiovisual communication brings this experience to life, more than words can do, making these challenges that humanity faces understandable to ultimately improve lives.

What inspired you to get into animation in the humanitarian sector?

As an animator, that is my field. I’ve always wanted to be able to work with NGOs and humanitarian work because helping people is where my heart is. Animation is where my skills are. When you have an idea for a video or a message to communicate animation lets you create anything from your imagination. For me, animation makes me feel free and open to all possibilities. As an animator, as a creative professional,

Where do you get your inspiration from?

From people. I like watching people, reading, and exposing myself to new ideas. When I’m reading, the words become images that I could animate. Watching people move, in an artistic way, like dancing, theatre, nature.

You mentioned you are inspired by my nature. Can you tell us a little about what it means to be able to work remotely from your home in the countryside in Colombia and for an internationally-based company that allows you to have this opportunity?

For me, this is living my dream. Since I was a young child being close to nature has always been important to me. I discovered being able to work remotely is an opportunity to live this and I’m so excited to be able to be part of the i-APS team. When I look outside my window, I see birds, storms, trees, the power of mother nature. At the same time, I’m able to apply my creativity to the humanitarian sector, and this is an amazing combination.