How can i-APS increase your impact?

How can i-APS increase your impact?


  • i-APS can provide the road map for your next burst of growth.
  • The key to your sustainability is a robust analytical foundation on which to base dynamic and innovative organizational systems.
  • From operational and strategic planning, to capacity-building, business systems development, and program design, we’ll help you make sure that your organization is on the right track.


  • i-APS can help you break down internal and external barriers to growth.
  • Whether it is a refresh of your strategic plan, support in the development of small or large proposals, facilitation of new strategic partnerships, systems stress tests, process review and reform, or staff capacity building, we will make sure that your teams can achieve meaningful impact.


  • i-APS has a strong network of subject matter experts in the U.S. and worldwide who can provide the precise capabilities that your organization needs
  • With seamless capacity to scale-up, i-APS can rapidly provide your organization with the expertise it is looking for.
  • From technical backstopping, baseline analysis, needs assessments, third-party monitoring, program evaluation, learning systems, market analysis, or developing your local partners’ capacities, our team can help you make improved decisions and better target your operations.
  • In a world of rapidly evolving technology, i-APS can transform your organization’s management practices by introducing custom-designed digital solutions to enhance accountability and performance.