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About i-APS, People-first Development

i-APS is a global consulting firm rooted in community. Since 2012, we have worked across 25 countries and with over 900 experts, to provide advisory services, design innovative products and develop systems that help organizations and communities realize better economic futures.

Our people-first approach means that people are the core of what we do at i-APS and how we work differently. We believe that no one can give insight into the assets and struggles of a community than the people themselves. This is why we don’t just work with clients and communities to collect and report data, we localize our work and invest in people for the long-term through continuous training and partnership. Together, our local presence and global technical network offer our clients unparalleled contextual insight and solutions to design and implement better humanitarian and sustainable development programs.

In an increasingly challenging global environment, we provide clients with the support services from data collection and analysis, knowledge management and learning, through program delivery and accountability. We are able to do this because our teams come from, work in, and live in some of the most challenging conflict, post-conflict and emerging economies worldwide.

Our approach starts and ends with people -- our design, delivery and results.

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