Global Monitoring and Evaluation Services

Client: Blumont

Provide internal monitoring and evaluation services at the country, regional and HQ level. Year 2018 – 2028.

Services provided by i-APS include:

  • Lead or support the design and implementation of assessments including rapid needs assessments, value chain assessments, gender assessments, in Blumont’s current and potential areas of operations;
  • Lead or contribute to designing, coordinating, and conducting program baseline, mid-term, and end-line evaluations for Blumont projects;
  • Lead or contribute to designing/refining performance monitoring plans (PMP), theories of change (ToC), and results frameworks for proposals and projects;
  • Lead or contribute to designing and testing tools and systems for M&E data collection, data coding and cleaning, data quality assessments (DQAs);
  • Lead or contribute to data analysis for ongoing projects;
  • Provide oversight to enumerators and M&E staff on a need basis;
  • Carry out Data Quality Assessments on a need basis;
  • Assist in development of Request for Inquiries (RFIs) and/or selection of local evaluation firms to conduct program evaluations;
  • Provide support to Blumont Program Operations Unit and field teams in reviewing and analysis data for donor reports;
  • Develop or contribute to evidence-based research and analysis;
  • Provide M&E experts for long and short term technical assistance for projects;
  • Provide in-house M&E training to Blumont staff as needed;
  • Other M&E related technical support as needed.