Global Communities Middle East Programme

In 2017, for the Global Communities Middle East programme, i-APS assembled a team of sectoral experts to conduct a market assessment relating to agriculture and shelter in Iraq and Middle East, and a needs assessment of potential beneficiaries. The team included a Project Director, and experts in M&E; agriculture; food security; housing and shelter, and an expert on the use of the Magpi survey software.

To conduct data collection, we worked with an Iraq-based i-APS Senior Development Specialist and a Middle Eastern consulting firm to coordinate data collection in Iraq and Middle East respectively. The enumerators conducted 687 household surveys in Middle East using Magpi, and 195 Key Informant Interviews and 63 Focus Groups Discussions in Iraq and Middle East. Global Communities used the final report to inform its assessment of the feasibility and design of agricultural and shelter-related programming in Middle East. We are certain that the client was highly-satisfied with the quality of our work.