Natural Resources Management

Natural Resources Management

Regions: Africa AsiaEurope and EurasiaLatin America and the CaribbeanMiddle East and North Africa

The aim of our Natural Resource Management practice is to conduct evidence-based research, develop strategies and advise our clients on responsible management, supervision and handling of natural resources, with focus on Ecosystems, Livelihoods, Social Science, Agriculture and Water Activity.

A key element of peaceful, sustainable societies is good governance of natural resources for the benefit of both people and nature. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, more than 40% of internal conflicts over the last 60 years are linked to the exploitation of natural resources. 

i-APS team of experts from a wide range of backgrounds, People and Their Environments also focus on researching the people-first component of natural resource management. Our expertise ranges across the social science disciplines: economics, psychology, geography, sociology, and related fields like livelihoods, agriculture, land, social science, water.

To learn more about i-APS’s Natural Resource Management services, please contact our Senior Manager of Technical Services and Program Development Mark Kowal at