Humanitarian Crisis Response and Coordination

Humanitarian Crisis Response and Coordination

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i-APS has extensive experience providing a range of services in the context of humanitarian response. Out of the more than forty projects that i-APS has completed, more than half are in the context of a humanitarian response.

i-APS provides a range of humanitarian assessments, provide expertise in the management of humanitarian responses, and provides training in natural disaster preparedness and emergency response.  

Humanitarian assessments

The assessment of an emergency situation and prioritization of the needs of affected people lay the foundation for a relevant and efficient humanitarian response.  For protracted crises, i-APS provides more in-depth assessments to inform the design of a more complex and relevant response. For example, specific assessments may be required for a humanitarian cluster, sector or theme; or for a given agency.

i-APS also supports multi-stakeholder assessments coordinated by external actors, into which a range of other organizations provide input, and whose findings are utilized by consortia, clusters or networks.

Our pool of seasoned emergency response personnel is able to provide timely analyses with recommendations for how to best meet the prioritized needs of beneficiary groups in the short, medium and longer terms.

Examples of assessments conducted in the context of a humanitarian response include:

  • Rapid humanitarian needs assessments, uncovering underlying population vulnerabilities
  • Cash-based response feasibility assessments
  • Market assessments in sectors such as shelter, agriculture, logistics
  • Market value chain assessments
  • Labor market and vocational training assessments
  • Economic impact analyses to gather information on how humanitarian crises affect local economies, and how they can be helped to recover

Humanitarian Response Management

The i-APS team of experts can assist the client before, during and after a humanitarian response, whether for a natural disaster, a famine or a civil armed conflict.

We can help prepare for a natural disaster through, for example training of staff and improved planning. Our teams are on stand-by to deploy to emergency situations to manage the response across a range of sectors; and our staff can support the recovery response strategy as well.

Humanitarian Response Management Training

i-APS’ humanitarian response management trainers use their practical experience managing humanitarian operations to build the capacity of organization staff and volunteers at the regional, national and/or international level, and that of local, regional and national governments to improve preparedness for and response to emergencies—whether a natural disaster or protracted civil unrest.

Our training packages encourage the exchange of knowledge amongst participants, and develop local coordination networks that engage disaster response managers and decision-makers.

i-APS can also assist and guide organizations and governments to develop their own emergency response management training curricula.

This training will reflect the mandate and country context of the client, but will generally include:

  • Team and volunteer management
  • Vulnerability, capacity and needs assessment
  • Relief and distribution
  • Logistics management
  • Public health in emergencies
  • Food security and nutrition in emergencies
  • Water and sanitation in emergencies, including Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation
  • Use of technology

To learn more about i-APS’s Humanitarian Crisis and Response services, please contact our Director of International Services and Operations Ted Tuthill at