Disaster Risk Management

Disaster Risk Management

Regions: Africa AsiaEurope and EurasiaLatin America and the CaribbeanMiddle East and North Africa

Many countries and especially MENA Region is facing unprecedented upticks in violent conflict and natural disasters, bringing with it massive population movement and insecurity in communities. Protracted conflict and rapidly increasing climate change concerns have created a “new reality” in the world, especially MENA region, requiring a new type of humanitarian response.

The face and nature of emergencies has been continuously changing, making it important to expand the understanding of disaster risk reduction, preparedness and resilience. Central to the efforts is i-APS work on enhancing the work of our clients and communities’’ ability to predict, prevent, and reduce the impact of disasters. While much of this work can be done at the national level, such efforts are severely stunted without strong local level capacity. 

i-APS work focusses on disaster preparedness as a continuous process, aimed at reducing negative impacts of disasters through predicting and ideally preventing events.

Specific services include design of education and training campaigns for vulnerable populations and first-responders, continuous strengthening of community-based disaster readiness, and building systems that will also help in general development efforts.

i-APS expertise is also in helping clients raise awareness at the community is key for mitigating both natural and man-made disasters, and for gaining a new focus on changing situations and vulnerabilities through targeted community-based research.

To learn more about i-APS’s Disaster Risk Resilience services, please contact our Director of International Services and Operations Ted Tuthill at ttuthill@i-aps.com