Agriculture and Food Security

Agriculture and Food Security

Regions: Africa AsiaEurope and EurasiaLatin America and the CaribbeanMiddle East and North Africa

The aim of our Agriculture and Food Security activities is to support our clients in identifying practical, relevant and innovative solutions for more efficient and sustainable agricultural production to enhance local food security, incomes, and nutrition.

We strongly believe that more resilient agriculture sectors and targeted investments can deliver transformative change and enhance the prospects and incomes. Through our research and capacity building programs we help find find practical, relevant and innovative ways to increase not only the production of food, but also the nutritional content of that food.

i-APS work is always local, and the solutions are also local by helping local farmers throughout the entire supply chain management increase their food productivity in ways that are environmentally, socially and economically acceptable and sustainable.

To learn more about i-APS’s Agriculture and Food Security services, please contact our Senior Manager of Technical Services and Program Development Mark Kowal at