Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Regions: Africa AsiaEurope and EurasiaLatin America and the CaribbeanMiddle East and North Africa

The objective of i-APS Knowledge Management Practice service is to enable organizations to capture and translate lessons learned into best practice, and then integrate those practices into core organizational behaviors and processes resulting in improved decision making and enhanced organizational outcomes.

01 Assessment and analysis of needs, processes, preference, and objectives

Identify and link your needs and objectives to the right information systems and identify opportunities to streamline and enhance workflow processes.

02 Technology and Workflow and processes

We work together with the client to build upon and maximize the systems and processes you have and identify areas for improvement or new tools to consider.

If creating or upgrading Processes or Portals, our approach is to create a “brain center” for country, regional and global programs to deposit critical information, such as context assessments, and monitoring and evaluation reports. Then i-APS works to build organizational capacity to translate knowledge into action with the content, search, and real time communication and collaboration methods or technologies.

03 Training and support

Knowledge Management is only as good as the people engaging it. i-APS supports new or ongoing initiatives through orientation and training that includes all levels of stakeholders , including field teams, headquarter staff, beneficiaries, donors and peer groups.

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