Institutional Strengthening and Development

Institutional Strengthening and Development

Regions: Africa AsiaEurope and EurasiaLatin America and the CaribbeanMiddle East and North Africa

i-APS works with organizations in the public and private sector to identify opportunities for organizational strengthening and growth. Our aim is to enhance the effectiveness of global development , by ensuring that actors are able to leverage their existing capacity and enabled to operate to their maximum potential. 

01 Strategic and Operational Planning

i-APS can help design or update the client’s overall direction and then lay out the key actions, initiatives, and resources necessary to achieve their vision.

02 Balanced Scorecard

i-APS works with clients to expand their frame of reference beyond traditional financial and project related metrics to focus attention across critical areas of their organization.

03 System Design and Process Improvement

i-APS can help remove internal bottlenecks and roadblocks by performing quick internal assessments and offering bespoke products and systems to create efficiency.

04 Training and Capacity Building

By focusing on strengthening human capacity we can help ensure that the client’s project, program, organization, or partnership works to its maximum potential and has a sustainable future.

i-APS draws upon an extensive cadre of highly skilled national staff to work hand in hand with local staff at the field level to build capacity in key areas such as monitoring and evaluation, reporting and quality assurance.

05 Value Proposition Development

i-APS can help the client build a compelling value proposition that will inform funders, customers, investors or stakeholders how the client stands out from the rest.

To learn more about i-APS’s Institutional Strengthening and Development services, please contact our Director of Institutional Strengthening and Development practice Agron Ferati at