Our People

Ricardo Castillo Argüello

Senior Practice Advisor, Institutional Strengthening

Senior Practice Advisor, Institutional Development. Ricardo Castillo is an international economic development professional with a unique mix of business, political and economic skills, a long journalism trajectory, and an ample, integrated expertise on marketing communications.

The nature of his work with i-APS requires of his business and cross-cultural knowledge of government, private and non-profit sectors, as well as the diplomatic acumen to deal with all levels of stakeholders, leadership and management in an increasingly complex but interconnected social economy.

For the last 15 years, he has executed the whole range of external and internal communications strategies for public and private organizations, and since 2013 Ricardo was involved in over 7 projects related to Middle Eastern Regional Crisis (Iraq, Middle East, Turkey and Jordan). His expertise spans their institutional development and strengthening, monitoring their performance and evaluating the impact of their development and humanitarian initiatives. He has played a lead internal role ushering organizational cultural change, breaking down internal silos that prevent collaboration, and navigating the geopolitics that impede global and local alliances in different cultures and geographic regions.

As senior livelihoods, jobs, economic development and communications strategist, he leads cross-functional teams in the research and reporting management, during the full content creation process – from idea generation to message development – and for its distribution across the channels audiences trust and over the platforms they primarily use.

He has successfully used the psychological power of behavioral change communications to obtain the buy-in of key stakeholders for community mobilization while preparing for impending crisis or in the execution of mitigating strategies in disaster and conflict environments.

Mr. Castillo holds an MBA in International business from the University of Miami and a university degree in Political Science from Tulane University and Florida International University. As a former business and political journalist and editor, he has written for the Washington Post, The Economist, Bloomberg News, US News, Al Jazeera and other prestigious international news organizations.