Our Approach

Why People-First?

Message from Our President, Amina Ferati

Our vision is to make development aid and humanitarian assistance more effective by maximizing human capital.

People are the core of what we do at i-APS, from our teams, clients and participants in projects. For us “people-first” means: making sure our teams are capable; actively listening to our staff and clients; operating independently, but in close consultation with our clients and their project evolving needs; and ensuring that deliverables are what our clients need and expect. For our clients, our “people-first” approach strengthens human capacity to help you to build-up more effective internal systems as the basis for even greater impact.

We believe in doing our work in way that emphasizes the resilience of people’s lives. We let individuals—whether clients or project beneficiaries—speak for themselves.

Ultimately, we believe that humanitarian aid and development assistance must be led by communities in order to be locally appropriate and effective. For this, we proactively learn from the people whose lives we are trying to improve as they are the experts about their own reality. This is why for every project, we deploy national and international team leaders and subject- matter specialists, while coupling them with staff from the i-APS worldwide network that speak the local language and understand the assignment’s context."



We work with organizations in the public and private sector to identify opportunities for organizational strengthening and growth including strategic planning, benchmark assessments, funding opportunities and performance improvement.



We develop customized reports, strategic plans, dashboards, data and information management systems, evaluations and surveys, performance monitoring and action plans that lay the foundation for strategic growth, donor reporting, and operational excellence.



We help our partners institutionalize dynamic but lasting processes and systems for the management of finances, monitoring and evaluation (M & E), funding, and operations that strengthen organizational capacity and enable long-term strategic planning.