Value Chain Assessment and Labor Market Assessment

Client: ACTED

Agricultural, Micro, Small, Medium Size Enterprises and Labor Market Assessment

i-APS conducted a Labour Market Assessment (LMA) in Middle East Governorate for the ACTED Project, “Multi-year humanitarian response and stabilization assistance to help build the resilience of conflict-affected communities in opposition-held areas of Middle East”. The Project, funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC), is designed to address reduced agricultural production, collapse of the agricultural value change, the damaged business environment, lack of vocational training, the discrepancy between skills needed by the labour market and skills available, and the disproportionate impact that the collapse of livelihoods activities has had on women and girls.

The programme is designed to help men and women mitigate the most significant barriers they face in accessing livelihoods and help them to better meet their own needs, without the reliance on continual humanitarian hand-outs or negative coping strategies. The learning from this assessment will be used to understand the labour market needs per district within Middle East, the gaps in skill sets among the population residing in each district, and the availability of training programmes. Using this information, ACTED shall be well placed to develop appropriate vocational training programmes and opportunities that are designed not only meet local business needs but also, to ensure programmes are tailored to specific needs; such as women and the disabled.