Third Party Monitoring OCHA Jordan 2018 - 2022

Client: The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

Our technical approach builds upon a commitment to continued learning and professional development in the Middle Eastern context, and a management philosophy that emphasizes fluid communication up and downstream, during data collection, analysis, reporting. Upon this foundation i-APS is providing real time verification of what extent project outputs were reached and activities implemented, and to assess the beneficiary selection process and accountability to the target population.

i-APS teams in Middle East perform real-real time verification for over 10 projects on annual basis to ensure that the funded projects are implemented as set out in project proposals and, through this, provide the required level of assurance to stakeholders that the Turkey Humanitarian Fund (THF) is operating effectively and efficiently in accordance with the Grant Agreements, Operational Handbook for Country-based Pooled Funds and IHPF Operational Manual. Year 2018 – 2022.