Cost-Share Valuation Strategies, Private Public Partnership

Client: CRS

Development of Cost-Share Valuation Strategies, Private Sector Mapping and Engagement Strategies.

Project name: Growing Incomes and Rural Markets for Agriculture (SVH)

CRS, in partnership with Mercy Corps and Making Cents International, has been awarded the Growing Incomes and Rural Markets for Agriculture (SVH) project from USAID Nigeria, now referred to as SVH (Severely Vulnerable Households). Based in rural communities in Northern Nigeria’s Sokoto state, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), and another state to be determined.

Total cost-share requirement: 25% of total program budget allocation

Goal of i-APS work: Develop, execute, monitor and maintain an effective cost-share mechanism in order to meet country program cost-share allocation requirements.

Objective 1: To build and monitor a resource development team responsible for garnering support (cash, GIK, donations) towards meeting cost share requirements for CRS and its sub-recipients.


  • Systematic mapping and identification of funding opportunities nationally and internationally
  • Systematize and structure approaches to pursuing resource mobilization efforts (GIK, Cash, Grants, Expertise, etc.)
  • Systematize and standardize cost-share donor reporting requirements

Objective 2: Develop, institute and execute a robust cost share monitoring and compliance mechanism


  • Ongoing support to CRS and Implementing Partners in Meeting Cost Share requirements
  • Training/Capacity building and supervisory control over implementing partners (CSO) cost match processes and requirements.