Cash Based Response Feasibility Assessment

Client: Global Communities

The Cash Based Response Technical Working Group (CBR-TWG), funded by the UK Department for International Development (DfID), oversees among other objectives, the coordination of joint research initiatives relating to the scale up of cash and voucher programming in Northern Middle East. In collaboration with the CBR-TWG, Global Communities contracted i-APS team to assess the current cash based and in kind responses to the Middle Eastern crisis, enabling an objective comparison of beneficiary preferences and feasibility of the most appropriate, secure and accountable assistance modality

The technical Areas of focus:

Effectiveness and Cost Effectiveness

  • Accountability to communities – preferences; socioeconomic impacts and multiplier effects

Economy and Efficiency Analysis

  • Internal administrative costs in financial terms and time (including logistics, finance, security, coordination) Fiduciary risk primarily looking at diversion of resources prior to and during distribution to beneficiaries Cost to beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries

i-APS team applied a mixed methods approach that included quantitative and qualitative primary data collection in addition to secondary analysis of relevant literature. Primary data collection consisted of a survey of 400 households and 91 key informant interviews with both potential beneficiaries and local councils, which are community leadership structures, in accessible areas of Idlib, Aleppo and Al-Hasakeh governorates.

The tools methods, instruments and questionnaires was developed in English and translated to Arabic; the translation was reviewed by multiple team members before a consensus version was finalized. The survey was conducted on smart phones using Magpi, a mobile data platform.

i-APS team also recruited and trained 3 international experts, 3 Middle Eastern coordinators/experts and 17 field enumerators. i-APS produced the final report on time. Due to the quality of i-APS team work in the North of Middle East, i-APS team is being contracted by WFP out of Jordan to conduct the same study in South of Middle East.