Effective Coordination of Teams of Technical Experts

i-APS’s expertise includes the effective coordination of teams of technical experts to collaboratively design data collection methodology, develop and pilot tools, analyze and triangulate data, and agree on the key findings for its final reports. For example, in Haiti the i-APS team of nine technical experts in institutional strengthening carried out an organizational assessment of the Haitian Red-Cross National Society in 2015 over a four-month period.  For this, our team interviewed more than 200 individuals through surveys, KIIs and FGDS to accurately assess the multi-dimensional nature of the Red Cross’s organizational environment, management structures, programs and systems. The team of experts jointly conducted a SWOT analysis of the organization, providing invaluable insight into the present organizational environment and future development prospects for the Red Cross in Haiti. The final report provided recommendations to the Haitian Red Cross on how to strengthen and sustain its capacity to respond to its organizational and programmatic priorities.