Ricardo Castillo Argüello

Senior Practice Advisor

Iain McLellan

Strategic Planning and Evaluation Associate




Amina Abbas


Sandra Georges

Senior Practice Advisor

Mohammed Rasheed

Senior Organizational Development Specialist


Agron Ferati

Executive Director

Hameed Kareem

Senior Advisor MENA Region


Amina Abbass, President

As President, Amina Abbas directs strategic and operational efforts to ensure the long-term sustainability of i-APS work. Amina has a background in law and public policy, having worked for a leading government affairs group in Washington, D.C. Amina also directs government relations for a national nonprofit organization working to improve health care access and quality. On the international programming side of work, Amina combines her social entrepreneurship and passion with skills to provide institutional strengthening, growth and transformation, using a people-first approach to advance health and well-being through training, capacity building, relief and development programming. Amina directs and applies her expertise at the international level through programs supported by USAID, UNICEF, UNFPA, CARE and other donors. Amina is a licensed attorney in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Agron Ferati, Executive Director. Agron is a senior-level international relief and development professional with over 15 years of experience in program design and the implementation of large-scale programs and projects. During this time, Mr Ferati has directly managed projects worth more than 300 million USD.

He has a proven record of executing complex negotiations and of managing programs in difficult operating environments. He was the Director of Program Development for International Medical Corps (IMC) from 2009 to 2012. From 2004 to 2010, he was IMC’s Country/Regional Director or Operational Director in Haiti, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Syria/Jordan and Lebanon. He has also worked as a Senior Finance Consultant and Internal Auditor in the private and international NGO sectors. Agron Ferati has led over 40 start-ups, undertaking both contract negotiations and corporate mergers in that capacity. Throughout his career, he has overseen the successful management and implementation of projects for a wide range of donors, including USAID.

Ricardo Castillo, Senior Practice Advisor, Institutional Development.  Ricardo Castillo is an international economic development professional with a unique mix of business, political and economic skills, a long journalism trajectory, and an ample, integrated expertise on marketing communications.

The nature of his work with i-APS requires of his business and cross-cultural knowledge of government, private and non-profit sectors, as well as the diplomatic acumen to deal with all levels of stakeholders, leadership and management in an increasingly complex but interconnected social economy.

For the last 15 years, he has executed the whole range of external and internal communications strategies for public and private organizations, and since 2013 Ricardo was involved in over 7 projects related to Syrian Regional Crisis (Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Jordan). His expertise spans their institutional development and strengthening, monitoring their performance and evaluating the impact of their development and humanitarian initiatives. He has played a lead internal role ushering organizational cultural change, breaking down internal silos that prevent collaboration, and navigating the geopolitics that impede global and local alliances in different cultures and geographic regions.

As senior livelihoods, jobs, economic development and communications strategist, he leads cross-functional teams in the research and reporting management, during the full content creation process – from idea generation to message development – and for its distribution across the channels audiences trust and over the platforms they primarily use.

He has successfully used the psychological power of behavioral change communications to obtain the buy-in of key stakeholders for community mobilization while preparing for impending crisis or in the execution of mitigating strategies in disaster and conflict environments.

Mr. Castillo holds an MBA in International business from the University of Miami and a university degree in Political Science from Tulane University and Florida International University. As a former business and political journalist and editor, he has written for the Washington Post, The Economist, Bloomberg News, US News, Al Jazeera and other prestigious international news organizations.

Mohammed R. Majeed, Senior Advisor Institutional Strenghtening. Mohammed Rasheed is based in Baghdad, Iraq and has a high level of managerial and administration skills in program/project management, community and organization development, and strategic/operational planning. He possesses advanced expertise in humanitarian emergency programming, including capacity building, economic recovery, and governance. Mohammed has highly developed relationships with senior management officials of various Iraqi ministries, local authorities, international agencies and institutions working in Iraq as well as an excellent understanding of working practices in Iraq vis a vis international expectations, and broad management experience of large teams to achieve results. Mohammed has a broad range of experience in managing large and small scale data collection projects in Iraq including a local business market assessment in five Iraqi governorates to identify local business market demand for employment and skills, a customer satisfaction survey for the MOMD’s returnee centers, and an IDP intention survey for IOM/IMC.

Iain McLellan, Strategic Planning and Evaluation Associate. Iain is a program and evaluation specialist with 30 years of experience in 25 countries in Sub-Saharan African including six in the region (Sierra Leone, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, and Nigeria). Most recently he was the team leader for a study of the Social Mobilization and BCC response in Sierra Leone. His technical expertise covers all the intervention areas as outlined under the SNAP project. In terms of evaluation experience he has been the team leader for over 10 USAID public health project evaluations, including Guinea, Kenya, India, Djibouti, Rwanda, Mali, and Malawi. Mr. McLellan has demonstrated good skills for quickly understanding complex data and changing dynamics, exhibited sensitivity to and understanding of local cultures and conflicts as well as working in an open, transparent and cooperative way that is strong on building confidence and consensus. Having worked previously as a journalist his outputs are always precise, concise and timely. He brings together a mix of technical rigor, creativity and participatory leadership.