International Advisory, Products and Systems (i-APS) is a consulting firm that works with clients in the international development and humanitarian space to transform their organizations into efficient and impactful catalysts for change. A U.S.-based, minority and women-owned small business, i-APS provides short and long-term expert technical assistance, staff augmentation, project management, and training services to help clients around the world achieve sustainable results.

Our vision is to make global development more effective by maximizing human capital.We understand that the core of every organization are the people that drive it your personnel are your greatest asset. At i-APS, we make people our first priority. By focusing on strengthening human capacity we can help you to design and implement effective internal systems, which together comprise the essential components of impactful institutions.


All of our work is accountable and measurable, and we share our results with all stakeholders. Rather than impose priorities, we provide an environment conducive to the development of self-directed goals by our clients and customers.We guide our clients in identifying approaches that provide maximum sustainable impact.We offer interventions that meet the ever-changing needs of our clients, while continuing to strive for the highest professional excellence in the delivery of our advisory, products and systems services at minimum cost.


  • Transparency.
  • Participation.
  • Efficiency.
  • Cost-effectiveness.


Whether it’s the members of your team or the communities your organization serves, we never lose sight of what’s most important people are the heart of development and are central to our approach. We are an international organization that provides localized expertise through our network of specialists around the world. Because of the strength of those relationships, we are able to work in conflict and disaster zones that many of our competitors cannot. i-APS is committed to facilitating organizational change to help entities respond to today’s development and humanitarian challenges. Through a collaborative and transparent process, iAPS works with clients to develop customized solutions that are sensitive to local context. We understand how to develop strategies and tools that will translate HQ goals into field level realities. As technology innovations are revolutionizing development and humanitarian work, i-APS works with organizations to close gaps in training, systems and outdated infrastructure to maximize potential of organiza-tions to have meaningful impact on the communities they serve.


We work with organizations in the public and private sector to identify opportunities for organizational strengthening and growth including strategic planning, benchmark assessments, funding opportunities and performance improvement.


We develop customized reports, strategic plans, dashboards, data and information management systems, evaluations and surveys, performance monitoring and action plans that lay the foundation for strategic growth, donor reporting, and operational excellence.


We help our partners institutionalize dynamic but lasting processes and systems for the management of finances, monitoring and evaluation (M & E), funding, and operations that strengthen organizational capacity and enable long-term strategic planning.